Getting Started With Spinning®


I was a little skeptical about the Spinning® program when I first heard about it. Cycling in an exercise room... going nowhere? Boring!  Of course, I was dead wrong. Whereas the scenery remains the same, the ride changes constantly.  The feeling of each ride is created by the accompanying music.  The Spinning® program keeps your mind engaged while vigorously challenging your body.  It is a true mind body experience!


Spinning® is more than just a workout—it’s a comprehensive training program comprised of training sessions. Each session has a specific purpose and is carefully designed and timed to energize, challenge and empower students to achieve their health and fitness goals.  A training session has direction, purpose and heart rate guidelines… always individually paced and conducted under guidelines relevant to the goals and framework established.


The Spinning® program is an easy and efficient way to help you meet your fitness goals. Comfortable workout clothes, a water bottle and a desire to create your own unique fitness experience is all you need to get started. Regardless of your age, ability, coordination or fitness level, the Spinning® program is designed to bring health and fitness to every lifestyle.


Natalie Murray

STAR Level 2 Certified Spinning ® Instructor

Mad Dogg Athletics

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