Reset with a post-Carnival detox

May 8, 2019


For me carnival is a glorious time of year … the freedom of spirit, the celebration of life. This is something I enjoyed as a child with my parents. 


I have taken my girls on the road every year to watch (or someone took them to watch if I was jumping). This year it came full circle as my eldest daughter jumped with me in her first carnival. 

Despite all the glamour and glitter, carnival takes an inevitable toll on our bodies. Between the fetes and chipping down the road with the sun beating down upon us, we feel the after effects like a ton of bricks. 


Whether it’s sore feet, muscles and joints or a sore head and bloating from too much alcohol or skin eruptions from the make up, carnival does kinda come and go and leave its mark.

You may want to consider including these foods in your diet over the next few days to help with your skin, inflammation and bloating.








Coconut Water










Paw Paw






The easiest way to get these foods in, to flush the toxins from your system and boost the nutritional value of your intake, is with a few days of smoothies. This nutritional detox will have you feeling good as can be in a few days. 


If you’re the DIY type, why not try my anti-bloating smoothie for breakfast and see how good you feel?


(makes 2)


1 banana


1 large cucumber, sliced


1 stalk celery, chopped


½ inch piece of fresh ginger


½ inch piece of turmeric


1 tablespoon collagen



Place all ingredients in the blender with enough water and ice to achieve the desired consistency.

If you are not the DIY type, we have a post carnival detox starting May 6. We will include anti-inflammatory, anti-bloating and skin rejuvenation smoothies. 






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